Board of Directors

Name Position Professional Background
Park Soyeon Executive Director Former: Advisor, Singapore National Institute of Science and Technology (A*STAR)
CEO Former: Director, KIT-ISIS Bio Drug Development Research Centre
Chairman of the BOD Former: Director, Prestige Biologics (Korea)
Current: CEO, Prestige Biopharma (Singapore)
Kim Michael Jinwoo Executive Director Former: Consultant, Peat Marwick Mclintok, USA (formerly KPMG)
COO Former: Managing Director, QION Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Former: Director, Prestige Biologics (Korea)
Current: Director/COO, Prestige Biopharma (Singapore)
Tay Lai Wat Executive Director Former: COO&CFO, Stamford Land Group (Singapore)
Current: Real Estate Consultant and Investment Director, Octava QMBP Pty Ltd (Australia)
Current: Director, Prestige Biopharma (Singapore)
Oh Seung Joo Non-executive Director Former: M&A Consultant, Samjung Accounting Firm
Current: Head of PE Department, KB Securities
Current: Non-executive Director
Bang Kue Ho Non-executive Director Former: Head of Biopharmaceutical Production Center, Osong Advanced Medical Industry Promotion Foundation
Current: Professor of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Kyungnam University of Science and technology
Current: Director, Prestige Biopharma (Singapore)
Lee Eui Kyung Independent Director Former: Editorial member and Executive Director, Korean Financial Management Association
Current: Professor of Business Administration, Daejin University
Current: Independent Director, Prestige Biopharma (Singapore)
Lee Kok Fatt Independent Director Former: Director, United Overseas Bank Limited (Singapore)
Current: General Manager, Gardens by the Bay (Singapore)
Current: Independent Director, Prestige Biopharma (Singapore)
Jeon Kyunghee Independent Director Current: Director, Surim Cultural Foundation
Current: Attorney of Daejeon Ajou Law Firm
Current: Independent Director, Prestige Biopharma (Singapore)