Developing Novel Antibody Biologics to Address Unmet Medical Needs
Prestige Biopharma invests its expertise and resources in the development of first-in-class antibody therapeutics to fight life-threatening diseases. To bring innovation for life, we are developing novel monoclonal and bispecific antibody drugs that ensure stability and strong growth potential.
Improving Accessibility & Affordability of Existing Biological Drugs
Prestige Biopharma aims to expand patient access to treatment by providing safe, quality and affordable biomedicines. Our biosimilar portfolio consists of 12 pipelines, including our HD201 (trastuzumab) in completion of Phase III, HD204 (bevacizumab) in Phase III and PBP1502 (adalimumab) in Phase I.
Next Generation Vaccine Development to Defeat Future Pandemic Viruses
Prestige Biopharma expands the business diversity into the development and production of vaccine since the start of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak as a response to the current, and potential future, viral pandemics. At Prestige Biopharma Group, Prestige Biopharma will work together with its manufacturing capacity of Prestige Biologics, for the development and manufacturing of vaccine.